Parent’s Support

Parenting is not easy!

There are no classes, certification or credentials to become a parent.  There are no rules that guarantee calm, easy and happy parenting.

Do you have clarity about how you want to parent ? Do you discuss your values, your family experiences and parenting styles with your partner? As a parent, how do you learn skills to facilitate cooperation, self confidence and motivation in your children?

Parents feel overwhelmed because their family of origin and other life experiences did not prepare them to parent.

Parents may:

  • Disagree with one another about rules and values related to parenting
  • Examine their qualifications to be parents and their motivation for wanting children
  • Feel ineffective when requests have to be repeated multiple times and children seem uncooperative and unmotivated
  • Feel frustrated when discipline practices do not work
  • Fear for their child’s future because of homework hassles
  • Feel unsure about how to keep children healthy, safe and happy as they approach the teen years
  • Feel unprepared to meet the challenges of teens who are exposed to drugs and sex at an early age.

However, there are effective strategies that can be learned that will foster effective traits in children including:

  • Cooperation with family and peers
  • Confidence and self awareness
  • Motivation, with a commitment to learning
  • Self-reliance, taking responsibility for their lives and making positive choices
  • Consideration and caring for others and social competence

How does a parent develop these traits in a child?

Our approach focuses on practical, easy to learn strategies that will make parenting easier, calmer, and happier throughout the years from toddler to college. Our approach is based on the work of our mentor and colleague, Noel Janis-Norton, the founder and director of the New Learning Center in London. Through her Calmer, Easier, Happier Parenting and Teaching programs Noel has helped hundreds of thousands of parents and teachers in the US and Europe learn techniques that result in more cooperative, confident, motivated, self-reliant and considerate children at home and in the classroom. Noel’s methods are solution focused and give parents techniques that make children want to cooperate without complaining and having to be reminded.

Participants in our workshops will be able to use strategies that Noel teaches by the end of the first session. The basic parenting strategies that our seminars and workshops focus on are:

  • Descriptive praise
  • Reflective listening
  • Effective rewards and consequences
  • Planning for success

The most important and initial trait or habit that our skills focus on is cooperation. We call it the gateway to the other four traits. When cooperation is achieved, children become more self reliant, considerate, confident and motivated. At this point parents find parenting easier, calmer, and happier. Using the above four skills, parents will find themselves more in control of their responses to their children’s demands, establishing predictable routines and clear rules. Within a short time they feel genuinely happier and calmer in their role as a parent.