I am a “creative caregiver.” My inspiration for working as a doula and parenting coach was influenced by my own challenges in the birth of my first child. My daughter needed several operations and I needed help!
I was fortunate to be supported by an amazing woman  – a doula and postpartum nurse – who helped me overcome the difficulties of my birth experience. With her help, love and guidance, we were able to successfully persevere and celebrated my daughters first year of life with much joy!


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As a parent, living and working in London, England, I was challenged by the disparity between my daughter’s progress in school and her capabilities. I had reached my limits of knowing how to help her and I sought the assistance of parenting coach -Noel Janis-Norton- internationally known parenting educator, learning her method of Calmer, Easier, Happier Parenting. I adopted her principles as my own parenting skills and they really worked! In following these strategies for parenting, I am able to help parents manage their daily routine in an calmer, easier and happier manner.

As an educator and a parent, I have always known the importance of a positive birth experience in setting a firm foundation for a child’s life. When my children were grown and I had a chance to pursue my dream, I studied to be a doula. I have a passion for providing a positive birth experience so parents can bond with their newborns and develop an encouraging relationship which sets the tone for the child’s life.  Helping parents have the birth that they wish for establishes a supportive attitude toward parenting.

As a DONA Trained doula and postpartum doula I have enjoyed every minute of the beautiful birthing experiences that I have participated in. I have additional lactation training which further enhances support that I offer a family. I have worked with both Christine Bruell and the late Betty Parsons on holistic birthing technique and child care. I am a member of Marin doulas, Santa Rosa and San Francisco doulas, and BPAC an organization in the East Bay of volunteer doulas.

In addition, I hold a MA in special education and taught in the Chicago Public School system for 8 years working with educable, mentally handicapped students and their families. In this capacity, I learned the importance of healthy family communication and a supportive environment for children.

I have been a hospice respite caregiver and a volunteer with the San Rafael School district certified to work with special needs students.
I am the mother of two happy, well adjusted young adults.