Birth Doula: A Loving & Healthy Start for You and Baby

Giving birth is a momentous occasion that can be both exciting and daunting. A doula is a trained and experienced professional who provides physical, emotional, and educational support to ease the process and soothe laboring mothers. Your doula’s training provides practical knowledge about what is needed during birth, and her experience over many births instills an intuitive sense of what will help you most.

Doulas have supported women through birth for centuries because the relationship works. Studies show that having a doula present:

  • Reduced the overall cesarean rate by 50%
  • Decreased the length of labor by 25%
  • Lowered the use of pain medication by 30%
  • Reduced forceps deliveries by 40%
  • Reduced the number of days newborns spent in NICU (neo-natal infant care unit)
  • Increased positive maternal assessments of maternal and newborn health
  • Lowered rates of postpartum depression
  • Increased rates of breastfeeding

Our Birth Doula Services Fully Support You

We have a full range of tools and information available at each stage of your pregnancy and birth to help you be more informed, in control and comfortable. Below you will find a summary and explanation of our birth doula services.

Our Birth Doula Services Include:

  • 2 prenatal home visits
  • Practical and clinical information on birth options
  • Assistance creating a birth plan or concept
  • Phone and email support during pregnancy
  • “On Call” status up to two weeks before your due date
  • Complete labor and birth support
  • Help with initial breastfeeding after labor
  • 1 postpartum home visit
  • Photos and a detailed birth log, if you desire
  • Phone and email support during initial postpartum period

How We Work

As a doula I assist in achieving the birth that you and your partner desire. I provide physical and emotional support, as well as furnishing the information for you to make informed decisions. This is your birth; I only want to present your options, and then support you in your choices.

At the same time, I work together with your partner and other caregivers—OBGYN, midwife or hospital staff—as part of your team. Treating them with respect and courtesy helps me be a better advocate for you, while still allowing the final responsibility for clinical decisions to remain between you and your health care providers.

Nothing is more beautiful than the look of euphoria on the faces of parents after one of the most important times in their lives—the birth of their child! I am so fortunate to be a part of this miracle.

Before the Birth

Your first prenatal visit will usually take place about two months before your due date. During this visit, you will learn about different birth options, and we will begin to develop a birth plan based on your choices.

The second visit will occur in the month before your due date. This time allows you to think about your options and discuss them with your partner and medical providers. During the second visit, I will confirm your choices, and ensure that I accurately understand your wishes. I will also coach you through the plan in preparation for your birth.

During the Birth

My primary role during the birth is to help your vision become reality. I support the mother first, ensuring she is treated with dignity and kindness through this vulnerable time.

According to your birth plan, I may assist you with breathing and relaxation techniques, movement and positioning, massage, music, aromatherapy, visualization and other tools to make your birth the healthy, meaningful experience you and your partner wish for.

In addition, I will coach your partner in providing you with the support you need, as well as interfacing with medical professionals as your advocate in the delivery room.

Once your baby is born, I will stay with you until you have had the chance to bond with your child and begin breastfeeding.

My goal is to help your birth experience be meaningful and healthy, providing a great start for you and your new baby.

Following Up

Following your birth, and when you are ready, we will schedule a postpartum follow-up visit. This allows me to make sure you are bonding well with your newborn and breastfeeding successfully. I will provide any photos or documentation of your birth to you, and you may also ask any questions.

If you need to call or email me during this initial postpartum period, I am available to you.

Our goal is to support you in your ideal birth experience with our training and expertise. Please contact us

today and schedule your free introductory interview. We serve Marin, San Francisco, Sonoma, and Alameda Counties.

Backup Doulas

If an emergency prevents me from being present at your birth, I have several qualified and experienced backup doulas who will be equally supportive in carrying out your birth plan.