Doula Services

Pregnancy is the beginning of a lifelong journey of transitions and surprises. Birth is a tender and vulnerable occasion into which a loving, practiced hand can impart comfort, ease, knowledge and deep meaning. Following birth, the period of family bonding and transition sets the foundation for a child’s life—the experienced guidance of a doula can make the transition easier, and the foundation stronger.

Parents-Central believes that a positive birth and postpartum experience can influence a child’s entire life. To assist in that process, we offer both birth and postpartum doula services backed by training and experience. Please read below to learn more about how a doula can bring comfort and love into your first steps as a parent.

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Birth Doula

Well before your baby has arrived, a birth doula provides the information and guidance to help you and your partner envision your ideal birth experience and plan for a positive outcome. When labor begins, the doula provides physical, emotional and educational support, acting as your advocate to ensure that your vision is honored and brought to reality  The presence of a skilled birth coach in the delivery room is calming and reassuring for both Mom and Dad. This type of positive birthing experience will set the stage for a healthy parent-child relationship.

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 Postpartum Doula

In many world cultures, a support system for new parents is built into the family and community.  Modern western society often lacks this type of assistance.  The postpartum doula fills that void by offering support, home help, education and childcare to parents with newborns. Your first few weeks with a new baby are a bonding time that is incredibly meaningful. A postpartum doula eases the transition period for you and your baby with experience and love. She offers coaching and skills to raise a healthy child and support Mom and Dad in their efforts to care for the new infant. Being able to recognize a Mother’s hormonal changes and psycological adjustment, is fundamental to her expertise.   Having help at such a crucial time can prepare the entire family for years of healthy relationships.

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Hillary Wollin, our primary doula, was inspired during her first pregnancy by the support of a doula and postpartum nurse. This memory created a passion to offer the same loving experience to other women. She is a DONA trained birth and postpartum doula, and a certified lactation consultant with additional certification in infant CPR. Previously, she worked with Betty Parsons and Christine Bruell on holistic birthing techniques and childcare methods in London, England. She was recently chosen as a volunteer doula at San Francisco General Hospital, and is a member of several Bay Area doula organizations.

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